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    PUBLISHED December 02, 2022
    How to Get NFT Drops - Get In Early, Get Out Big!
    As Web 3.0 rolls towards broader masses, NFTs and crypto-based assets have started becoming exponentially popular. While you can invest any time and hold for a long term to gain profits, getting in early has two main benefits:  ... By Samit Patel
    PUBLISHED November 09, 2022
    How to Randomly Generate NFT Art: Full Guide
    How to Randomly Generate NFT Art: Full Guide   As more and more developers partake in NFT creations, this income avenue is being considered one of the hottest new ways to make money. But there’s more to the story!   ... By Samit Patel
    PUBLISHED November 11, 2021
    Xiaomi Product Launch Strategy – How to Use Twitter Live to Launch Your Product & Get 5M Views
    Xiaomi is the second-largest phone manufacturers in the world owning 16% of the global market share, followed by Apple at 14%. It’s rapidly rising the ranks to beat Samsung, which stands at 18% as of 2021. One of the reasons (... By Samit Patel
    PUBLISHED November 02, 2021
    Slack Proves You Don’t Need a Million-Dollar Marketing Campaign to Launch a Great Product
    There’s always this debate (and a lot of aggressive responses from marketers) that a product needs to have GREAT marketing to scale – regardless of whether the product is bad or good. As a marketing agency ourselves, we know all too well the effect marketing has on a product launch. Bu... By Samit Patel
    PUBLISHED October 15, 2021
    How We Raised $660,413 for iiRcade on Kickstarter During a Pandemic
    Imagine having a cool, retro gaming arcade right in the corner of your room! And imagine playing your favorite SEGA games with your kids and family almost like being in a video arcade center. About the Product ... By Samit Patel
    PUBLISHED October 08, 2021
    The Complete Guide on Equity Crowdfunding for Startups
    Equity crowdfunding is the future of small business and startup funding. Equity crowdfunding for eCommerce is enabling a new era of product innovation. But what is equity crowdfunding and why is it one of the fastest-growing forms of crowdfunding? You’ll find ever... By Samit Patel
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