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We help creators through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and many of our customers have grown from small teams to established E-commerce businesses. We are proud to maintain long-lasting relationship and thrive together. This is what we do to establish a win-win situation.

Amazon marketing

Amazon is the pioneer of ecommerce and if you want to be successful, you have to learn to surf this big wave! If you are already on it, we will give you a compass marketing facelift to boost more sales.

E-commerce website
design + Development

We segment and design your website, so we can target your site visitors effectively following their behaviour.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Organic reach is declining across social media and you will need media spend to climb up the ladder. We advertise to highly targeted audiences and convert them into customers. we also create a personalised approach to retargeting that shows the right customer, the right ad, at the right time, based on where they are in the buying journey.

Content Development

We stay on top of the game by creating effective content strategies, targeting your audience.. We make sure your product is captured in compelling photos and videos. More importantly, the content is shown to the right people to make the most out of it – Quality sales is the end goal that we achieve!

Email Marketing + Abandoned Cart Recovery

We build and manage your email marketing strategy effectively. You own your email list. We create appealing campaigns to let your followers spread the word for you. We also create favourable actions that align with our website development to maximise sales.

Qualified email leads allow for abandoned cart emails to be sent out. Our strategies leverage that email list for more than just discounts and sales.

Welcome email, exclusive promo codes, product tips, personal note email with a free gifts to your top paying customers – we have all that covered.

Data analysis/ Ongoing support

We optimize your online store and marketing channels for increased conversion rate through consistent maintenance & improvements.  We dig into your analytics, we use data to make smart targeting decisions to enhance your website traffic and sales. 

Social media management

Customer service is the new marketing for many successful brands. We manage social media and create content regularly to keep your fans engaged. Many shoppers feel more satisfied and likely to convert when they’re able to chat to a staff member. 


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Whether you are looking for a marketing guru to handle a 360 strategy or seeking a particular service for your product launch, we are here to help you grow and excel.

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