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Octopus Watch

Octopus is a smartwatch made for kids to help them stay organised. It was a product developed by Joy.

Our team helped Octopus grow their mailing list as well as provide strategy and guidance on their campaign. We helped improve their sales funnel which they used to collect that data and used analytics to double conversion rates.

The project launched with real enthusiasm and was covered by the majority of press outlets. They managed to get press from sources like Mashable, Tech Crunch, NowthisFuture, CNET, CNBC and Geek Dad.

Octopus watch raised $777,777 on Kickstarter alone with over 6,954 backers. It has since then gone on to raise more through Indiegogo In-demand.

In total Octopus watch has raised over $3,000,000

Project Details

Project Breakdown

  • Pre-launch
  • Product Launch