About Us

Creative and Strategic Agency

Joopio is a creative and strategic agency that helps businesses thrive in the pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases.

Our particular area of expertise lies in helping companies that have high-quality hardware and design products.

Created by Samit Patel in 2017 as the result of requests from companies wanting to use his skills across a full suite of marketing services, Joopio has experience of working on successful projects from crowdfunding to selling through e-commerce.

We’re confident that whatever role we play in your project we’ll have a positive impact on its outcome.

Why risk employing an agency who doesn’t care or understand what you do and will rarely deliver results when you can hire Joopio?

Joopio has experience of working on a wide variety of businesses, so knows all the shortcuts to success and the pitfalls to avoid. We also have an extensive network of experts to call on who can each play a key role in making sure you establish your brand for the long run. These include:


E-Commerce Experts

Graphic Designers

Advertising Professionals


Video Directors

Marketing Executive

Moe Osman

Helps keep things running smoothly as well as dealing with clients from Europe and Asia.

Marketing Executive

Thib Binier

Deals with clients from America and helps build sales funnels with the latest growth hacks.


Jerry Mitev

A creative genius who knows how to design to impress and sell a product.

PR Advisor

Kavit Majithia

Currently, working for GSMA having previously worked with Edelman PR and TelCap.


Serje Hr

Invested in over 100 companies through Halo Holdings, he advises us on investments.


Serge Didenko

Currently, CEO of BLOCKS modular smartwatch, he advises on products and strategies.


Fares Sultan

Currently, CEO of Circadia sleep, he advises on products and strategies.


Jamie Grant

Currently, Founder of Motion Metrics, he advises on products and strategies.

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