How to create a killer product video

How to create a killer product video

Product videos can be vital in increasing sales conversions on your website. You can use your product videos to demonstrate how your product works and use them to drive traffic to your webpage.

You can post your videos on many websites and social media channels and this will drive more traffic to your webpage. Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and other website have huge numbers of video views. Getting many views and backlinks will also improve your SEO ranking.

In this article, we are going to show you how to create a better product video that will increase your sales conversions and you improve your overall business.

Keep it short

You have to keep your video short and provide the essential information in as little time as possible. Most people don’t want to watch a 10-minute video, your videos should be around 2 minutes or less.

In these two minutes, you should explain how your product is going to make the viewer’s life better. This will help you focus on the important factors that are most likely going to drive sales.


A high-concept product video may be artistic and fancy, but if your viewers don’t know what you’re selling at the end of it, they will probably not take any action to go a purchase your product.

In your video, you should aim to demonstrate how your product actually works. This will give your viewers an interactive view of your product.

Demonstrating how your product works will increase your chances of converting because, in a short amount of time, you are explaining to them how to use it.

You are also more likely to get other views after the customer has bought the product.

Make it personal

When viewers are watching a  product video, they don’t just want to know the technical specs of the product.

You should let your customers know the people behind the product. Introduce yourself and your team members who are working on the product, this will start the video off with a friendly inviting note.

Target Audience

You should customise the tone and script of your video to the audience that you are targeting. The video should be highly relevant to your potential customers.

If you are targeting a young audience, you should research the current trends and what is likely going to make them sit down and watch your video.  

Video Quality

You should aim to make your products look their best. Here are a few tips to improve the video quality for your product.

  • shoot in high definition, and in widescreen.
  • Pay careful attention to the lighting to avoid harsh shadows and dimly lighted environments.
  • Shoot with a tripod to keep the shots steady.

Call to Action

Your video should always contain a call to action that is going to show the viewers on how to take the next step.  Keep encouraging potential customers to take action throughout the video.

Having a product video without a call to action, you will most likely end up losing potential customers.

If you are selling your product online, you should include a link that will take the customer directly to your product. This will save them time having to search the internet to find your product.


Creating a high-quality video that is relevant to your target audience will increase your sales conversions. You should spend time researching and create different videos and test them to find out which one is converting the best.

We recommend that you use professional videographers. However, if you think you have what it shoot a great video yourself, follow our tips and you will have a fantastic product video that will that is going to increase your sales conversions.