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Crypto projects thrive on the power of community, social media, and public relations. With our proven crypto marketing strategies, you will enjoy a thriving community and the limelight of top-tier publications, leading to increased revenue & exposure.

If you’re looking for a blockchain marketing & PR agency that is performance-driven, look no further.

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How Do We Launch & Scale Your Project?

We Tap into the Power of Community & Use Good Ole Marketing & Relationship Building Strategies to Get You Results.

Social Media Community Growth

Community engagement is a proven method to attract and engage people to your project. Our team will shill and promote your project across key social media platforms where your audience is most active. The goal is to build a thriving community around your project.

Social Media Management

There’s no community without social media activity! We take care of all your content needs for social media. From banners, visual designs, to editorial calendars, threads, and tweets, you get it all. We manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

Telegram and Discord Moderation

In the world of crypto and NFTs, Telegram & Discord communities are gold. We will provide you with expert channel moderators making sure your channels become credible platforms for your community to connect & share their experiences.

PR Management

From managing your brand positioning to proactively reaching out to reputable journalists in the industry, to identifying influencers, speaking opportunities, conferences, and events, we help you with every facet of PR management for your crypto project.

Content Strategy

Simply shilling projects are not enough. You need to have a defined content strategy to be found, attract traffic, and create resonance with your target audience. We’ll take care of your promotional articles, Medium blog posts, content distribution funnel, and opinion pieces.

Email Marketing

Reach out to your target audience and keep them engaged with our email funnels, designed to win you interest, engagement & prospects!