Crowdfunding is tough. Let our team of crowdfunding marketing experts help you reach your ideal campaign goal. 

Here’s what we do for you:

1. Discover and Strategize
We take the time to dive deep into your product, industry & target audience and market to create a targeted strategy that achieves two fundamental purposes simultaneously – making your crowdfunding launch a success and turning you into an everyday brand. How to compete against cheap knock offs and how to scale exponentially are some of the factors we look at.
2. Pre-launch Lead Generation
Through SEO optimized landing pages, Facebook Ads and social media strategies, our team will build and collect qualified leads for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign.. We study  customer journeys, evaluate your industry and build highly converting communities that have a 8 – 16% conversion rate for products with an average price of $99.
3. Copywriting
People need to be told your brand story. We use the power of words to help bring you backers, grow your brand & get you high quality leads. We truly believe that great copywriting is key to a successful campaign. 
4. Social Media
Be heard, be visible and be known on social media. From day one, we create a strong social presence and help you connect with your target audience, giving them  authentic customer experience. In order to get meaningful results, we continue to engage people at as many touchpoints as possible.
5. Facebook & Instagram Ads
We utilize Facebook and Instagram Ads to create a highly-targeted audience base quickly and efficiently. Drive them to your campaign and acquire as many customers as possible while spending as little as possible.
6. Email Marketing
Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools. We create compelling brand stories that depicts  you as a creator of an amazing product. Our email marketing tactics improve relationships with your customers, keep them updated on the progress of your campaign and result in increased sales.
7. Public Relations
Our team of public relation experts leverage their connections with a number of top tech and gadget bloggers as well as journalists to get your projects covered by the media and generate a buzz in the industry. 
8. Corporate Partnership & Influencer Promotions
We work with other active crowdfunding product platforms bringing additional sales to your project. This allows you to engage with those interested in crowdfunding and get in front of a new audience of qualified buyers.
9. Videography and Photography
Our in-house photography and video production team produces captivating multimedia content to tell your brand story in the most visually appealing manner.
10. We Walk The Extra 500 Miles
We go beyond our main responsibility. We take ownership of every aspect of the project regardless of whether we are directly involved in it or not. This includes reviewing the product video, project page, general branding strategy, manufacturing, shipping, production costs – We work closely with you to help you achieve your goals.


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Clients and Partners

Your success doesn’t stop at the end of a successful crowdfunding campaign. This means, we don’t end our work at the end of the campaign. Our Kickstarter and crowdfunding marketing agency also assist with Ecommerce on Amazon, Shopify and other popular platforms.

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