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PUBLISHED October 15, 2021
How We Raised $660,413 for iiRcade on Kickstarter During a Pandemic
Imagine having a cool, retro gaming arcade right in the corner of your room! And imagine playing your favorite SEGA games with your kids and family almost like being in a video arcade center.

About the Product

By Samit Patel
PUBLISHED October 08, 2021
The Complete Guide on Equity Crowdfunding for Startups

Equity crowdfunding is the future of small business and startup funding.

Equity crowdfunding for eCommerce is enabling a new era of product innovation.

But what is equit By Samit Patel

PUBLISHED September 23, 2021
How to Prepare for the Golden Quarter with Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce
E-Commerce marketing strategies for Q4 2021 cannot be discussed in detail without considering 2020’s E-Commerce success in the light of a bleak and uncertain future. The Q4 of 2020 was a defining moment for E-Commerce. Sales rose 32% over 2019 indicating growth with a reported $1.5 billion in s By Samit Patel
PUBLISHED September 17, 2021
Reddit Marketing Strategy - How Reddit Launched its Community with Just $500 of Advertising Budget
If you’re on the Internet, you know Reddit. If you’re on the Internet and don’t know Reddit, then read this piece where I’ve covered Reddit’s story in detail. If you’re on the Internet and a marketer, a founder, an entrepreneur, then you have to know how about Reddit’s marketing By Samit Patel
PUBLISHED September 07, 2021
Reddit: How it Became the Front Page of the Internet?
Have you read it? That’s a nice play on words for Reddit, one of the most popular community platforms on the internet. How this uber-awesome platform came about, is a story that deserves to be told in full. Reddit is the 19th most visited platform on the internet worldwide by traffic. Users By Samit Patel
PUBLISHED August 31, 2021
What NFT to Invest In and How to Judge Projects?
By the end of August 2020, Bitcoin was almost USD $11,500. One year later, it is now worth almost $49,000. TL;DR - Bitcoin has more than quadrupled in value during the past year. The By Samit Patel
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